Business Intelligence and Analytics

Vision and Strategy, Maturity Model Assessments, Software Selection, Implementations, and Managed Services are part of the wheelhouse of services that we provide to our Clients. Let’s get your Business Intelligence and Analytics Initiatives Enabled.

Axiom Path’s holistic approach to enabling and enhancing Business Intelligence / Analytics initiatives provides our Client’s a multitude of options to engage with us. Let us help you unlock the value of your data and enable strategic decision making across the enterprise. From ERP systems (legacy and Cloud) to custom Industry specific Applications, we can provide solutions on enabling analytics.

Service Line – Business Intelligence and Analytics

Strategy and Assessment

An effective BI Approach needs to be adopted within an Enterprise which aligns Business Partners with IT Programs to enable a common set of goals. Our services include evaluating the current environment, assessing the tools and methodology, and alignment with business priorities. An organizational BI Maturity Model will be developed and a business driven plan for on-going BI investments will be formulated and reviewed with the stakeholders.

Implementation Services

Engage Axiom Path’s consultants to work with you on implementation projects. Based on understanding your vision and outcomes required of the project, we can work with you to enable a methodology and approach that best fits your expectations. Waterfall or Agile delivery can be considered based on how quickly you need to grab the low hanging fruit. A Teams of any combination of onsite, offsite, or offshore can be created to best match your budget and organizational culture. Rapid and Objectives driven, our Goal will be to making the project and our relationship successful.

Cloud Analytics

Organizations are under fire to enable and / or mature their BI / Analytics environments. ROI on the investments made in the BI environments combined with high expectations on continuous growth of the platform to meet the growing needs of the business has created an interesting gap. Cloud Analytics needs to be considered for all sizes and shapes of Analytics requirements based on the scalability it allows at low cost and the flexibility of the platform. Organizations without an Analytics platform are sitting ripe to benefit from this paradigm shift in technology. Axiom Path can educate, guide, and lead our Customers to migrate to Cloud Analytics to reap these benefits.

Analytics Dev As A Service (ADaaS)

If you have considered Subscription delivery services (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, others), then you need to consider Axiom Path’s ADaaS for delivery of your BI / Analytics solutions. Axiom offers Deliverables based or Resource based subscription to ensure you can quickly enable the service as needed and also be able to ‘turn-off’ when projects have been completed. You can also use this model to fully extend your internal team Onsite or Offshore.

Managed Services

Are you looking for a Partner to provide Managed Services for your BI / Analytics environment? Our MS program is built on the foundation of value enablement and flexibility. Either our Customers are trying to fill a gap, are looking for extending their existing team, or fully outsource the support of their BI / Analytics Environment. Our goal is to work with the culture of our Customer’s organization and provide a model that works with their Business and IT goals. We have the ability to deliver Onsite, Near Shore, Offshore, or a combination of these resources.


Axiom Path has developed formalized training and has the ability to provide On Premise or Online Training on a multitude of BI and Analytics Tools. Our On Premise education will be delivered in classroom style training. Our Online Training can be enabled within your Organization’s E-Learning Tool or can be accessed on our E-Learning Portal. Learn the Tool and Technology from the experts for a fraction of the cost of Vendor Training.

Try Our FREE Rapid BI / Analytics Environment Assessment

We will rapidly engage with you and go through a two day assessment of your BI / Analytics Environment. Our proprietary approach to an organizational assessment will produce a report that will be insightful to both Business and IT.

Tools and Accelerators


Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g (OBIEE) is an unmatched and comprehensive business intelligence and analytics platform that delivers a full range of capabilities—including interactive dashboards, ad hoc queries, mobile analytics, notifications and alerts, enterprise and financial reporting, scorecard and strategy management, business process invocation, unstructured search and collaboration, integrated systems management and more. OBIEE 11g is built on a proven and modern technological foundation that supports the highest workloads and most complex deployments, while providing timely insights to users across an enterprise at a low overall total cost of ownership.


Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Applications are complete, prebuilt BI solutions that deliver intuitive, role-based intelligence for everyone in an organization from front line employees to senior management that enable better decisions, actions, and business processes. Designed for heterogeneous environments, these solutions enable organizations to gain insight from a range of data sources and applications. Pre-packaged Analytics include Oracle Financial Analytics, Oracle HR Analytics, Oracle Sales Analytics, Oracle Marketing Analytics, Oracle Order Management Analytics, Oracle Procurement / Supply Chain Analytics, Oracle Utility Analytics.

Oracle BI Cloud (BICS)

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service is a costeffective, enterprise-class analytics platform in the cloud. It empowers you to convert data into insight. Start with the Data: Start your analysis by loading your data into a world-class database. No need to write SQL. Simply click to make self-service or ongoing updates. Dig Deeper: Manage data easily from multiple sources and extend the data by using prebuilt advanced analytic functions. See the Story: Illustrate your data from a rich charting gallery. Get automatic suggestions to create visually compelling dashboards and meaningful analytic applications that you can build and share quickly. Go Mobile and Share: Share your insights and drive collaboration. All your analytics are available on any device without extra design work Benefit Right Now, on Your Terms: Benefit from a proven BI platform that delivers analytics on your terms and offers the peace of mind and low operating cost of the cloud.

Salesforce Analytics

Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, is a mobile first analytics platform that lets everyone explore any data. Now anyone can ask any question, from anywhere, and act. The Analytics Cloud, powered by the Wave Platform, allows Business Users, Developers, Analysts, and ISVs to deliver answers through powerful, interactive visualizations of any data. For the first time, everyone can explore structured data (CRM, ERP) alongside unstructured data (product sensors, website, social media), in one place. From any device, Analytics Cloud is with you wherever you are. Deliver insights to the team when they need it most — like right before the big customer meeting.