Corporate Citizenship

Axiom Path’s core values integrate corporate social responsibility as part of the unified vision to support a wide range of non-profit organizations. Goal is to build strong and strategic relationships with non-profit organizations and help sustain various programs through the involvement of the various stakeholders of the Axiom Path ecosystem. We all share a common vision of making an impact in the community we live in by supporting Local and Global initiatives.

Initiatives that Axiom Path has been involved in:

  • Isabella Santos Cancer for Kids
  • Annual drives including Soup Kitchens, Annual Toys for kids drive, and Winter Blanket Drives
  • Digital Divide
  • Medical counseling support
  • Book drives
  • Adult care housing
  • Various Education and Social Welfare causes supported globally
  • The Sandbox

What’s great about the Axiom folks is that all family members including children come together and work together in contributing positively to our facility. They all have fun as well and enjoy the special relationship.

Director - Adult Care House in NC

Employees Involved in Corporate Social Activities

Foundations / Organizations Supported through various initiatives of the Axiom Path families: