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We are in the middle of the digital age where data is the most treasured asset for organizations. Enterprises are trying to use data for strategic and operational purposes to solve complex business challenges and be at the forefront of this data centric revolution. We need thought leaders that combines business acumen with technology to address these problems. Through our Applied Analytics service, we can guide you on your analytics journey while being your trusted advisor.

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Intelligent Driven Enterprise Assessment (IDEA)

Our market differentiating IDEA program focuses on the key Insights that drive your decision making. Do you have the right processes which drive the right insights? IDEA’s methodology is built through the convergence of our deep-domain knowledge in business processes and advanced analytics expertise. Through our assessment, you can layout analytics roadmap, architecture and opportunity matrix with phased implementation plan that can help you realize your short-term and long-term business goals.

Data Science as a Service

Trying to foray into Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning modeling? Want to scale up and start your next data science project? Looking to incorporate AI in your existing solution? Our unique Data Science as a Service offering can help you get started or take up your next big challenge in data science.

Transform Data Into Insights

The Axiom Path team can create significant value in the process of enabling your Data Analytics solution. Waterfall or Agile delivery can be considered based on how quickly you need to grab the low hanging fruit. Utilize our right-shore model to best match your budget and culture. With objectives driven, our goal will be to making the project and our relationship successful.

Information Lifecycle Management

Our Managed Services (ILM) program for your Data Analytics environment is built on the foundation of value enablement and flexibility. Fill a gap, extend your existing team, or fully outsource the support of your Analytics environment. We are sensitive to the culture of your internal organization and provide a model that maximizes value for the business and minimizes cost of ownership

Analytics Point Solutions

With ever demanding business users and changing IT priorities and shrinking budgets building an analytics solution internally is not always viable. Our point solutions built on best of the breed technologies and using industry best practices would help you get started at rapid pace. These can be fully customizable and tailored to your needs

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