Procurement & Spend Analytics

Gain valuable insights from your procurement data, understand and identify spend across suppliers, products or services and realize hard dollar savings.

All Your Spend Data and More

Make sense all your Spend Data by bringing it together. Classify your Spend Data using Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Enrich your Vendor Data with Market Data like Hoovers and D&B

Advanced Analytics with Procurement Expertise

We use machine learning to cleanse the data, while taking user inputs. Our solution uses Data Science to identify procurement fraud, savings opportunities. We use Deep Learning to Classify Procurement Data

Modern Analytics Platform

Data Science

Built using Data Science to identify valuable insights like Procurement Risk and Saving Opportunities.

Spark and Big Data

Uses spark and big data engine to consolidate and enhance the data.

Machine Learning

Uses machine learning and deep learning algorithms to cleanse and classify data.

Self Service Visualization

Self-Service Visualization tools are used for ease of access and further enhancements by users as part of our SaaS offering.

Flexible deployment

We believe in you having options on how you would like to analyze your data and derive insights. Along with our saas option, we can also deploy our analytics model in the platform of your choice on cloud or on-premises. Talk to us today to learn more.

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