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Analytics, Information Roadmap & Platform for Manufacturing Company


An agriculture manufacturing company operating in 90 countries worldwide and continues to grow globally through mergers and acquisitions is looking to develop an Analytics Platform that will be made available to all the users globally. This platform should cater to business needs of sales, inventory and financial reporting while addressing the advanced analytics needs that will be augmented with their manufacturing products and also perform statistical and predictive analysis.

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Major challenges identified during the discovery process of Insights Driven Enterprise Assessment (IDEA) are

  • Inconsistent Data Definitions
  • Lack of Master Data Strategy
  • Around 60 Dis-Jointed Source Systems that include ERPs, Flat-Files and External Sources
  • Lack of corporate network/intranet
  • Need for secure and globally available Analytics Platform
  • Heterogeneous Business Operations
  • Lack of IT Analytics Capabilities


Axiom Path was engaged to perform a full analysis of business needs and complexities using our proprietary Insights Driven Enterprise Assessment (IDEA). Axiom Path has performed over 25 Current and Future State Meetings with over 40 Interview participants from different cross functional business areas. The Participants include, departmental managers, SVPs of Several Business Functions, CFO, CIO, analysts, admins and IT organization who has the final ownership of the platform.

Axiom Path led a cross functional-team, who has experience in ERP and Analytics alike, to explore the short-term, near-term and long-term analytics business needs. Through our fact-based approach, Axiom Path provided recommendations to layout the futuristic analytics roadmap. Some key recommendations include

  • Implement a data lake system in cloud in conjunction with a data-warehouse
  • Implement MDM solution to satisfy analytics needs that can later be used with ERP Systems as well
  • Make IT as the aggregator and provider of the data/information
  • Provide ability to deploy governed multi-platform visualization and analytical tools for users
  • Deploy entire architecture in cloud using a phased implementation approach


The main initiative was successful with providing roadmap and opportunity matrix that included platform recommendation, architecture, implementation and governance plan for current needs and future growth opportunities.

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